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Copper Pancake Coil & Straight Pipe


DSP Copper Pancake Coil and Straight Copper Pipes are manufactured to stringent quality standards. These seamless copper tubes are intended for use in the connection, repairs or alternations of air conditioning or refrigeration units in the field.

To ensure excellent performance, the highest quality cathode copper with 99.9% Cu is used. The product line-up offers a wide selection of choices to meet the needs of various air-conditioning and refrigeration applications.

Insulated Pair Coil

DSP Insulated Pair Coil is made with highest quality cathode copper with 99.9% Cu encased in high quality closed cell polyethylene foam, ensuring quality and safety. The insulated coating is durable and more resistant to abrasions than traditional materials. It is easier to install in tight spaces and reduces installation time as the insulation does not need to be measured, cut, and threaded on as a separate job.

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