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Plant Rooms Are Amongst The Highest Energy Consumers In Commercial Buildings

Plant rooms present a huge energy saving potential for many commercial buildings. Yet, they are often unoptimised and overlooked because HVAC systems there are complex and challenging. To manage them correctly and efficiently, dedicated and specialised control solutions are necessary.

iPlant Manager is a next-gen plant room optimisation and control software system. It’s an easy-to-use solution that enables operators to achieve optimal control of every plant room device through a single synergistic system.

iPlant Manager FAQ

With water-side optimisation solution, iPlant Manager helps customers to achieve:

Provides up to 40% savings on energy consumption

Promote sustainable image and reduce complaints from building users

Overall improvement in plantroom efficiency and space comfort conditions

Minimize operation and maintenance related costs


Green Buildings, mainly offices with emphasis on smart technologies, occupancy comfort etc.

Buildings targeting for premium Green Mark certification or Super Low Energy with clear focus on achieving industry leading energy efficiency targets for total air-conditioning system.