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    Can air purifiers be connected to Reiri?

    No, air purifiers are not supported by Reiri. However, for DCPH01, you can connect them through z-wave smart plug. Hence, you may perform ON/OFF control.

    Does Reiri have auto update and when does it update?

    If 'Cloud connection' is enabled, Reiri will automatically check for updates at 00:00 each day based on controller time/time zone. The sequence will be Check for update > Update > Restart.

    What are the maximum indoor units for Reiri?

    A maximum of 64 FCUs can be connected per adapter (DCPA01).
    For DCPH01, it can connect up to 64 FCUs.
    For DCPF01, it can connect up to 256 FCUs.

    Why can Reiri not be connected to BMS?

    BMS is a control system installed in buildings that controls and monitors the building's mechanical and electrical equipment and normally use on the large buildings. However, BMS is relatively expensive and only cost-effective when use in large buildings. Besides that, it is known as complicated in set up and programming and require specialized maintenance. Reiri solution is known as complete Daikin smart solution and acts as main smart controller to provide Daikin AC control, smart devices integration, total energy management and IAQ monitoring on small and medium scaled building without spending too much money and affecting the efficiency. Therefore, Reiri is not required to connect with BMS because Reiri itself can performs many functions and provide total building management on small and medium scaled buildings.

    Can DHOS help to reset account if credentials are forgotten?

    You can perform password reset in Reiri Setup Tools if you have forgotten your credentials.
    DHOS will distribute the password and renew the password every three months.

    How many accounts can be created in a single Reiri?

    Reiri for Office: 80 accounts (user & admin)
    Reiri for Office Touch: 80 accounts (user & admin)
    Reiri for Office Plus: 200 accounts (user & admin)
    Reiri for Office Multi-Site: 200 accounts (user & admin)
    Reiri for Home: 20 accounts (user & admin)
    Reiri for Home Lite: 10 accounts (user & admin)

    What are the voltage range for DCPA01?

    X1A: 16V DC (+10% , -5%).
    X6A: 21.8V AC or 24V DC (+- 5%).

    What is DCPA01's protocol?

    The protocol used is Modbus RTU.

    What is the maximum connection of DCPA01?

    64 FCUs and 10 CUs per one DCPA01.

    What is the general z-wave range limitation?

    In general, the range is 30m indoors open space.

    How many IR blasters can be connected to one DCPH01?

    Up to 10 IR blasters can be connected and the type is Broadlink RM4 Pro.

    How many modbus smart meters can we connect in DCPH01?

    Up to 10 smart meters can be connected.

    How many Alexa accounts can be connected to Reiri?

    Only one Alexa account can be connected to one Reiri for Home.

    What is the difference between DCPA01 and DTA116A51?

    Firstly, the difference lies on the number of CUs and FCUs that each can connect.
    DCPA01 can connect up to 10 CUs and 64 FCUs, while DTA116A51 can only connect up to 2 CUs and 16 FCUs.
    Besides this, they have difference in control functions. You may refer to the user manual to check what functions are available in both adapters.
    Lastly, DCPA01 can connect to more A/C types/ models than DTA116A51.

    Which type of smart meters does Reiri support?

    Reiri supports Schneider and Kron. For the specific models that Reiri can connect, please refer to Reiri product datasheet.

    Can Reiri control AHU?

    Yes, Reiri can control AHU through DCPA01 and DTA116A51 (Z-control). You may refer to the appendix in Reiri user manuals titled "DCPA01 Point Settings" and "DTA116A51 Point Settings" for the list of functions that Reiri can do for AHU.

    Can Reiri do voice control?

    Yes, voice control is available for Reiri for Home (DCPH01 and DCPH02). Reiri supports Google and Alexa voice commands.


    What are the recommended operating condition?
    • Installation place: Indoor, free from dust and water splashes
    • The ambient temperature must be 0 to 40°C
    • The ambient humidity must be 85% RH or less (without condensation).
    • There must be no electromagnetic disturbance
    Can other brand USB-RS485 converter be used?

    Yes, CH341-R can be used to convert from RS485 to USB.

    How do we identify which particular z-wave device from point settings?

    Once z-wave device is connected, it will generate a node ID.
    From the point name, the first 3 digits indicate the node ID.
    For example, zw1-04301 indicates node ID 43.

    Do we need to reboot controller after setting z-wave parameter?

    There is no need to reboot controller for the parameter set to update.
    This is because the update is between the z-wave dongle and device. Hence, rebooting controller is not necessary.

    Why are my port 2 devices not reading?

    Please check the device connection settings:
    Ensure port number being set to 2 and address number being set to the designated address.
    Ensure that port 2 is not being used by other device.
    If it is still not working, please check on the device itself.

    How to change temperature unit to Fahrenheit?

    In Reiri Setup Tools, go to Controller Settings, change temperature unit from Celsius to Fahrenheit. Afterwards, reboot controller for the change to happen.

    What to do if my modbus signals are breaking?

    Set the SS2 (120ohm) dipswitch to ON.
    This will reduce the noise level.
    If the signal problem persist, the user can add a 120ohm resistor across the A and B wires on the Reiri controller port. This will further reduce the noise level.

    Can Reiri be installed other way than horizontal?

    Horizontal mounting direction is always recommended. If the mounting direction is done vertically, the controller is more prone to dust and water splashes.

    For vertical mounting direction, the ports are facing upwards. Usually, the controller is hidden and/or stored at secluded area, and hence, dust tends to collect.

    How to pair z-wave device with Reiri?

    In Reiri Setup Tools, go to Z-Wave Settings > Pairing/Unpairing > "Start" Pairing
    For Fibaro devices, tap the action button three times to enter pairing mode.
    For AEOTEC devices, tap the action button once to enter pairing mode.
    Successful pairing will display "Completed" and the paired device (with node ID) will be shown in the "Z-Wave Settings" page.

    How do I activate Reiri controller?

    Reiri controller is activated in Reiri Setup Tools > Activate Optional Function.
    Installer must obtain the activator user account from his/her Reiri product person-in-charge.

    With this account, installer will be able to activate Reiri controllers by keying in the username and password, then tap "Activate Controller".


    Can we connect different MODBUS device to the same port?

    No, only one type of device can be connected per port.

    For iTM-Reiri connection, is it possible to edit the management points from Reiri?

    When iTM connect with Reiri, all the management points will be transferred over.
    It is possible to edit these management points in Point Settings in Reiri Setup Tool.

    What do the LEDs in DCPA01 indicate?

    H1P: DIII communication (sent)
    H2P: DIII communication (receive)
    H3P: RS485 communication (sent)
    H4P: RS485 communication (receive)
    H5P H6P H7P: no meaning
    HAP: blinking at 400ms, means that the adapter is running

    Can DEC102A51 work with DCPH02?

    DCPH02 cannot connect with DEC102A51 since DCPH02 is designed to be connected to A/Cs only. Hence, for usage with DEC Di/DIO units, please use DCPH01 instead.

    Can Bacnet Gateway D-BACS connect to Reiri?

    D-BACS cannot be connected to Reiri.
    However, DCPA01 and D-BACS can control VRV concurrently.

    Can smart meters be connected daisy chain?

    Yes, smart meters can be daisy-chained. Please refer to each product datasheet for the maximum number of smart meters that can be connected.


    Can we extract data from SD card?

    SD card functions to store excess report/operation data.
    Export of data can be done through Windows App and can be exported in csv file format.

    What is 'heal network' in Setup Tools?

    'Heal network' is to reoptimize the z-wave network pathing in order to find the optimal path from z-wave hub to device. This should only be done after all devices are installed in the final location.

    Is it possible to get every minute data in Reiri PPD output?

    For PPD Data Analysis CSV file download, it can only be displayed in 15-minute interval.
    However, you can always view live reading from Reiri Setup Tool. You may go to “Read Current PPD Data” to view the live reading.

    What are the controls that IR blaster can do in Reiri?

    For A/Cs, functions include ON/OFF, mode, and fan speed.

    Where to find the downloaded PPD data file?

    All downloaded csv files can be found in the 'Downloads' folder in your PC / laptop.

    What can Google Home control for Reiri?

    Aircon points and Z-wave points are transferable to Google Home.
    For A/Cs, you can control: on/off, set temperature, set mode, set fan speed.
    For switches, you can control: on/off.
    For dimmers, you can control: on/off, set brightness level.

    What to do if I could not reset password?
    1. Ensure that the clear account password is correct. Do note that new password will be given every three months by DHOS.
    2. Ensure that the controller is connected to the internet.
    3. Ensure that the installer's device is in the same network as the controller.
    How to factory reset z-wave dongle?

    You may perform dongle factory reset either through Reiri Setup Tools or through the device itself. For Reiri Setup Tools, you can access Z-Wave Settings > Initialize Z-Wave Settings. For hardware reset, you can perform the following:

    1. Unplug the Aeotec Z-Stick from the USB port in Reiri for Home.
    2. Use a fine pin and insert into the reset button of the Aeotec Z-Stick.
    3. Press and hold the button while the Aeotec Z-Stick flash red led repeatedly.
    4. Wait until the increasing fast flashing end with a blue led lit up.
    5. Release the button after the blue led dimmed out.
    6. Plug the Aeotec Z-Stick back into Reiri for Home.
    7. Reboot Reiri for Home controller.
    How do I know which parameter to set in z-wave device?

    Different numbers denote different parameters to set.
    For the list of parameter numbers and their meanings, please refer to the z-wave device user manual.


    What are the default point names of IAQ?
    1. PM2.5
    2. CO2
    3. Temperature
    4. Humidity
    5. TVOC
    Can I address multiple IAQ at once?

    If multiple IAQ sensors are connected in the same MODBUS line, each sensor will need to be addressed one by one using QMODBUS. The default starting address is '1'.

    Is Reiri IAQ sensor Modbus TCP/IP or RTU?

    Reiri IAQ sensor is Modbus RTU.

    Why can the Reiri IAQ sensor not be detected using USB-RS485 adapter?

    Install USB-RS485 drivers.
    Ensure that the correct 'COM' port is used.
    Check device manager for COM number. i.e. COM3 / COM4 / …. etc.

    Why do the IAQ management points appear but grayed out in user app?

    This means that Reiri cannot communicate with the IAQ sensor. Hence, please:

    1. Ensure that IAQ sensor is addressed correctly, if the sensor is new, the default is address 1.
    2. Ensure that A and B is connected correctly, on both controller and IAQ.
    3. Ensure that IAQ is supplied power, AC or DC.
    4. If address is corrected from (1), than on user app>groups, the incorrect points will still remain, add new group too select the active points and go to setup tools to delete the inactive points.
    What are the difference between AC & DC IAQ sensor?

    Besides the voltage rating, the difference lies in the accuracy of certain parameters, range and resolution. However, they do not affect the functionality of the IAQ sensor and standard measurements will hardly be able to tell the difference.

    What does the LED colour indicate?

    AC: PM2.5 / CO2.
    DC: PM2.5.
    If the level goes beyond the threshold range, the LED lights will change colour to yellow or red.
    User can change the threshold using Modbus applications, for example, QModBus.

    What is the refresh or update time of IAQ sensors?

    Reiri will read IAQ sensor points and update every 10 seconds.


    Must IP address be static or dynamic?

    It depends on the requirements of the client.

    In general, Reiri adopts static IP method even when your router is in DHCP mode,

    When the router assigned an IP address, Reiri will remember that IP when it is in the network (when network setting in Reiri is in auto mode) and try to acquire that particular address.

    If preferred address is not available, Reiri will acquire a new IP address.

    What are the ports to be opened for Reiri?

    Please open/unblock the following ports: 80 / 52000 / 52001 / 52010 / 123.

    What is the destination IP for Reiri? (Port: 52010).

    Why can we not discover the DCPH02 in network?

    Please check the LED lights: In normal occassion, the yellow LED light should be ON and green LED light should be blinking rapidly. You may also try to ping the IP address to check if the controller is connecting to network. If the network is breaking, please contact DHOS.

    Why can I not access Reiri from my phone?

    For access outside local network, internet connection is required for Reiri.

    Hence, please enable cloud connection in Setup Tools.

    What is the meaning of the error message "Could not connect to controller"?

    This could be due to the following:

    1. Device and Reiri are not in the same network (for local connection).
    2. Cloud connection tab is not enabled in Setup Tools (for cloud connection).
    3. Static IP has been wrongly configured.
    4. Internet is unavailable in the network and thus, please check the router.
    5. Reiri may have hardware issue. In this case, please contact DHOS.
    How to check if my Reiri is connected to internet?

    Access Reiri user app history and check for "Cloud server connection".

    If the status shows as "Connected to Cloud server", the Reiri has connected to the internet successfully.

    If the status shows as "Try to connect Cloud server" as the most recent status, the Reiri is not connected to the internet.



    What is the maximum number of users for MARUTTO?

    1000 Users/site

    What is the maximum number of Interlock Programs?

    500 Interlock Programs per Edge controller

    How many MARUTTO Edge controller can be connected on a site?

    50 Edge controllers

    Can the MARUTTO Edge Controller be installed without the need for iTM?

    Yes, iTM is not required for installation.

    If a physical screen is required, can iTM be connected to the same DIII-NET as MARUTTO?

    Yes, but iTM must be set as Slave. Alternatively, a PC or Tablet can access MARUTTO Cloud Services.

    Does MARUTTO have Service Checker functionality?

    MARUTTO does not have Service Checker functionality.

    Is there a Backup Battery inside the MARUTTO Edge controller?

    There is no backup battery.

    Can equipment groups be sorted/arranged manually?

    No, only by alphabetical order.

    What is the update rate on equipment status on the web application?

    Immediate for the equipment status change

    Every 1 minute for the regular update

    What are the report export format?

    cvs and pdf

    Is MARUTTO compatible with LonWorks?

    MARUTTO is not compatible with LonWorks.


    Is Internet connection required for commissioning?

    Internet connection is required because access to commissioning website is required.

    When commissioning MARUTTO, what happens if the Internet connection is lost?

    If commissioning is finished, all the data is saved on cloud server. If the commissioning is ongoing, the data will be saved to cloud server, each time the user press the save button.

    Under the commissioning website > Edge Settings, does the options for internet connection change any setting?

    This field is for information only. It does not change any setting.

    Can MARUTTO be commissioned remotely?

    Initial commissioning must be done locally, afterwards, all configuration changes that is available on the commissioning website can be perform remotely.

    Is the local commissioning application only available on tablet?

    Yes, the local commissioning application is only available on Android or iOS tablet.

    Is there a presetting tool for MARUTTO?

    MARUTTO does not have a presetting tool. The excel import method can be used to reduce setup time for detecting indoor units.

    How long does indoor/outdoor unit auto detection take?

    Estimation: 10 Minutes for 1 ODU and 64 IDU.

    During auto detection, does the user have to select which DIII-NET port to detect?

    When auto detection is used, all the connected DIII-NET ports will undergo the auto detection process. There are no options to skip certain ports.

    Indoor Unit model is not available during auto detection, how do I continue?

    Add the missing Indoor Units using excel file import.

    If there are indoor units that were missing during the initial commissioning process, can they be added later?

    Yes, the indoor units that were missing can be added later by excel method or auto-detection.

    If there is a communication problem or error with indoor units during the initial commissioning process, can they be added later?

    Yes, the indoor units that were missing can be added later by excel method or auto-detection.

    Is a backup function available if the MARUTTO hardware fails?

    There is a hardware replacement function on the local commissioning app. During the hardware down, there are no ways to do back-up

    Does Point checking have to be performed individually?

    It is recommended to check one by one to ensure that the system is working properly before handing over to the client.

    If there are 512 Indoor units, must the two DIII-NET ports be used first or can the user use one DIII Port and the rest to be connected to DIII Plus Adapter.

    For 512 Indoor Units, it is recommended to use both DIII-NET ports to connect 128 Units and the remaining Indoor units to be connected using one DIII Plus Adapter and five DIII Plus Adapter Slots.


    Is a Fixed IP address necessary for MARUTTO?

    Both DHCP and Fixed IP can be used. If LTE Router is used, both DHCP or fixed IP is acceptable.

    How does the user control the A/Cditioning system if internet is not available?

    The user can control the A/Cditioning with the ""Backup access"" App.



    Is separate or mobile Internet connection required for MARUTTO?

    It is recommended to establish a separate network connection.

    Why is cellular connection the recommended option for internet connection?

    Cellular connection is recommended because most company network has firewall which blocks most ports by default. This can cause problems for MARUTTO as certain ports are required to be open for MARUTTO to function. Using cellular connection will also minimize cybersecurity concerns for the customer as the network is isolated from the company network.

    If LTE Router or Client network setting is changed, will MARUTTO be affected?

    If MARUTTO is connected using DHCP Mode, then there is no change.

    If MARUTTO is connected using Static IP, then MARUTTO must connect using the same network settings.

    What is the required internet speed required for MARUTTO?

    384Kbps or higher.

    What happens if MARUTTO Cloud Server or Client Internet is down?

    Cloud Functions like remote control or reports will not be available, but local operation using the Local Application App will be available.

    What happens to schedules and interlocks if Internet connection is down?

    Schedules and interlocks will still work based on system time on the MARUTTO controller.

    If there is no internet for time synchronization, how long will it take for system clock to go out of sync?

    There might be slight differences of a few seconds/minutes after a year, but not big variations.

    What is the estimated data used per month
    115 to 175 MB per month per CU


    Does MARUTTO feature BACnet capabilities?

    MARUTTO has BACnet capabilities.

    What are the ports available for BACnet

    LAN and RS485

    BACnet supports all data trigger to BMS or only operation data?

    BACnet protocol currently supports operation data.

    What is the available BACnet object list if MARUTTO is used as BACnet Client.

    Di, Dio, Ai, Ao, Mi, Mo can use as BACnet client object list.

    The supported object list can be found on Test Operation Manual - BACnet Client Functions - M23N153

    Can we monitor the power usage of third-party products connected via BACnet and use this information for optimizing energy
    management? Also, can we set up our own energy management solutions using a BACnet server, or is this only possible with Daikin
    equipment and VRVs?

    Power usage information is only for Daikin equipment.


    What are the specifications and wiring length for the cables for MARUTTO Installation?

    LAN: Cat 5E and above, 100m
    DIII-NET: 0.75mm² to 1.25mm² 2 core. Total cable length (Shield: 1.5km, Unshielded: 2km)
    Power Supply: 1.0mm² to 2.0mm².
    DI/DIO/PI: 0.65mm² to 1.25mm². Total cable length 200m
    RS485, DIII Plus Adapter: 0.65mm² to 0.9mm² 2 core twisted pair. Total length: 50m
    RS485 WAGO: 0.65mm² to 0.9mm² 2 core twisted pair. Total length: 500m

    How many CU/Outdoor unit systems can be connected to one DIII-NET Port on MARUTTO or its corresponding DIII Plus Adapter / Plus Adapter Slot?

    7 Outdoor unit systems can be connected to one DIII-NET Port.

    A Multi-Connection System is counted as one system.

    Can AHU be connected to MARUTTO?

    MARUTTO cannot connect to AHU but will be considered in the future.

    Can RA and SA Indoor unit models be connected to MARUTTO?

    Only RA and SA that is connected using KRP adapter or direct connect to DIII-NET can be used. Units that have WiFi adapters are not compatible.

    Can Packaged unit like high static ducted unit be able to connect with MARUTTO?

    Currently only RUR model can be connected. Other units will be added in future.

    Can DIII-NET Expander card (DTA109A51) be used?

    DTA109A51 cannot be used in MARUTTO System.

    Can iTM Plus Adapter be used with MARUTTO?


    Can Reiri IAQ Sensor be connected to MARUTTO?

    Reiri IAQ Sensor cannot be connected to MARUTTO

    Which Ports can DI/PI be used?

    DI/PI can be configured on DI2-DI8. DI1 is reserved for emergency stop input.

    Is the DI Ports on MARUTTO Edge controller Dry or voltage contact?

    DI/PI Ports on MARUTTO Edge controller are Dry Contacts.


    What is the package description for optional software?

    Package A – Basic functions
    Package B – BACnet Client
    Package C – BACnet Server
    Package D – Demand Control
    Package E – PPD
    Package F – Remote Emergency Operation
    Package G – Social Media support

    When subscription of the basic package expires, will the customer be able to control the air conditioner units?

    Web application will not be available, but Local App can be used for local control.

    If the client’s subscription plan expires, and the client decides to renew the plan after a period of time, is this possible?

    Yes, it is possible.


    What are the specifications and wiring length for the cables for MARUTTO Installation?

    LAN: Cat 5E and above, 100m
    DIII-NET: 0.75mm² to 1.25mm² 2 core. Total cable length (Shield: 1.5km, Unshielded: 2km)
    Power Supply: 1.0mm² to 2.0mm².
    DI/DIO/PI: 0.65mm² to 1.25mm². Total cable length 200m
    RS485, DIII Plus Adapter: 0.65mm² to 0.9mm² 2 core twisted pair. Total length: 50m
    RS485 WAGO: 0.65mm² to 0.9mm² 2 core twisted pair. Total length: 500m

    Can all VRV models access the Remote Emergency Operation Service?

    Yes, VRV 4 & 5 will be completed by End November 2023 and VRV 3S and older model at later stage.

    How will MARUTTO integrate with RMS and how will predictive failure notification/advisory work?

    MARUTTO integration with some RMS functions is under consideration now and might be released in the future. Further information regarding this feature will be released next time.

    Are there examples or parameters of what can be detected with Preventive Breakdown?

    Information regarding Failure Prediction is estimated to be available by end of FY24.

    Does MARUTTO offer an auto changeover function that does not rely on interlocks?

    MARUTTO does not provide this function as of November 23 but may be considered if there is market demand.

    How does Error Notification work?

    When there is Error in A/C system, a notification describing the problem is sent out by email.

    Time/Date and description of the error is included in the email.

    Besides email notification, LINE notification is also available and future notification alerts by other applications will be considered on a customized basis.

    How does “Remote Emergency Operation” work on MARUTTO?

    When an outdoor unit in same multi-system breaks down, MARUTTO system will send email to inform site manager of the building that there is equipment error in the building and give them an option to continue run air-conditioner system with the rest outdoor. But the emergency operation will not work forever, if there is no maintenance after 7 days of breakdown, air-con system will stop working.

    What file format for the floor plan is allowed to be imported for Layout function?

    JPEG or PNG, file size 500 KB or less

    Does MARUTTO require a power meter for energy visualization?

    Power meter is required to accurately track energy data however MARUTTO can estimate and show the VRV energy usage amount without the power meter using data from outdoor unit.

    What is the update time for Energy Consumption Report?

    The Energy consumption Report will be updated every 30 Minutes.


    Can RS485 meters be used for power consumption readings with MARUTTO Edge Controller?

    MARUTTO supports pulse meter only. RS485 Meters might be considered in future.

    Is additional software purchase required for PPD?

    No additional software required to use PPD function, however the PPD package has to be activated

    iPlant Manager

    Coming soon.

    MERV 8


    How often does the filter need to be changed?

    It is recommended to change the MERV 8 filter every 6 months. However, the filter's lifespan may vary depending on the operating environment. For instance, if the filter is installed in high-traffic areas, homes with pets, or residences with smokers, more frequent changes may be necessary. Conversly, if the filter is installed in an air conditioner that isn't used throughout the day, less frequent changes may suffice.

    Which models are MERV8 filters compatible with?

    VRV and SKY Round-flow and Sensing-flow are compatible. Please refer the model list on the product box for the detail.

    Are MERV8 filter compatible with Auto gril panel and Designer panel?

    No, MERV8 filter is compatible with only Standard panel and Sensing panel.

    Is MERV8 filter washable?

    No, it cannot be washed with water. Need to replace when the lifetime comes.


    How do you install the MERV 8 filter to existing ceiling mounted or round flow cassette?

    All required installation parts are included with each filter. For detailed instructions, please refer to the following video.

    What settings need to be changed after installation of MERV 8 filter?

    To prevent a decrese in air volume after installation of the filter, it is required to set the air condition to high ceiling mode. The settings will differ according to the indoor unit model. Please refer to the installation manual for specific field settings.



    Are Tightfit joints reusable?

    No, Tightfit joints are not reusable. Once inserted into piping and tightened (even partially), it cannot be removed to be reused.

    Why do different sizes of Tightfit have different internal constructions?

    The main reason for this is to keep tightening torque at a reasonable level. As pipe size increases, wall thickness also increases, resulting in an increase in tightening torque and decreasing the workability of Tightfit. Hence, the sealing methods have to change according to the pipe sizes, resulting with different internal constructions.

    Why does SDGTB12 have a stainless steel insert?

    The primary seal for this Tightfit joint is a metal seal. Since the wall thickness of copper piping with a diameter of Ø12.7 is the same as that of copper piping with a diameter of Ø9.52, the stainless steel insert is needed to reinforce the copper pipe from the inside, ensuring the formation of a proper metal seal.

    Is using Tightfit more costly than conventional brazing installations?

    No, Tightfit and brazing are comparable in pricing. Assessing Tightfit based solely on the project's material list may give the perception that it is more expensive than brazing. However, factoring in the time saved from not needing to apply for hot work permits, the reduced man-hours required for piping installation, and the costs of brazing materials and connection parts, it all adds up to a pricing structure similar to that of Tightfit.

    Is Tightfit a green product?

    Yes, Tightfit is a fireless joint, eliminating the need for brazing and, consequently, the emissions associated with brazing throughout a project. This method also eliminates the necessity of transporting bulky brazing equipment, further reducing emissions. Moreover, Tightfit ensures a leak-free joint when installed correctly, preventing any refrigerant leaks from the piping system.

    Does Tightfit have a complete lineup for VRV installation?

    Yes, with the introduction of the KMJ series, the expanded lineup of Tightfit ensures that a full braze free and fireless solution is available for seamless integration in nearly all VRV installation projects.

    Why are there only 3 sizes of elbow Tightfit joints?

    Copper pancake coils are typically utilized for smaller-sized copper pipes (Ø6.35 to Ø19.05), are easily bendable, eliminating the need for elbow joints in this range. Consequently, elbow joints are only needed for larger diameter (≥Ø22.22) ridgid copper pipes.

    Is there a full braze free solution for VRV installation?

    Yes, with the introduction of Tightfit compatible refnet joints (BHRG refnet), a full braze free solution is available.


    How do you ensure leak free installation of Tightfit joints?

    The best way to ensure a leak free installation is to read through the installation manual, taking note of all the precautions and warnings before installing Tightfit. However, the following are some of the main precautions that should be taken to ensure leak free installation:

    1. When removing insulation material (of copper pipe), cut in a cylindrical direction and not lengthwise. Lengthwise gashes on the pipe will cause refrigerant leakage.
    2. After cutting, chamfer the outside and inside of the pipe. Insufficient chamfering can damage the O-ring, resulting in leakage.
    3. During installation of Tightfit joints, use the marking gauge to mark the pipe. Ensure that the mark is no longer visible after insertion.
    4. Tighten the nut until the green indicator is no longer visible. Utilize the marking gauge to confirm that the 'T' or 'L' shaped mark falls entirely within the notch.
    Which size of insulation should be used for each Tightfit?

    ROHOZ insulation is specifially designed for standard and asymmetrical Tightfit models ranging from size 06 to 28. The following outlines the Tightfit sizes compatible with each ROHOZ model:

    ROHOZ06 -> Ø6.35, Ø9.52
    ROHOZ12 -> Ø12.70, Ø15.88
    ROHOZ19 -> Ø19.05, Ø22.22
    ROHOZ25 -> Ø25.40, Ø28.59

    For asymmetrical Tightfit models, use the insulation that fits the largest size joint size. For example, for SDGTB1915, use ROHOZ19.

    Is there insulation for BDGTA Tightfit joints?

    There isn't insulation specifically made for BDGTA Tightfit (sizes Ø34.92 & Ø41.28), kindly use Armaflex insulation for these joints.

    What are the installation steps for insulation of Tightfit joints?

    For Tightfit using ROHOZ insulation, refer to the following video.
    For Tightfit using Armaflex insulation, refer to the following video.

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